Winery Responsiblities 

The winery will be responsible for the following:
  1. Wine filtration should be completed prior to bottling day. Wines that will be sterile filtered at bottling must be sterile filtered (EK) by the winery. The bottling line will also sterile filter using .45 micron membrane filters. This is an insurance against any unknowns in the previous filtrations and exposure to any contamination between winery filtration and the actual bottling.

  2. Wine temperature must be a minimum of 60 degrees F. Condensation on bottles will be eliminated and label application will be enhanced. This is critical during the summer months.

  3. Winery will provide personnel capable of performing strenuous activity. A minimum staff of five (5), six (6) is recommend. One person will dump cases of glass onto the unscrambling table. One person will pack bottles into empty cases. Three persons will tape or glue cases closed, label cases, date stamp each case, and stack cases onto pallet.

  4. Winery will provide hose from wine tank to the bottling line. Standard 1-1/2 inch tri-clover fitting is required for connection to bottling line supplied pump.

  5. Supply potable water to the line for bottle rinsing. A standard garden hose is normally used.

  6. Gas for sparging empty bottles is supplied by the winery. Carbon dioxide or nitrogen is most often used. One large cylinder of CO-2 is sufficient for 1200 cases, while one large bottle of nitrogen will sparge 500 cases.

  7. Wineries will insure that all supplies are of proper size, color, and quantity. Do not assume unopened boxes contain what was ordered.

  8. Make any arrangements necessary so that payment can be made upon completion of the bottling.

  9. The bottling line is housed in a 48 foot trailer. The winery site must be tractor and trailer accessible and without trees or other obstacles that may cause damage to either vehicle. The winery will be responsible for any damage incurred.

  10. Provide a forklift with capable operator or other means for placing pallets of empty bottles on the bottling line lift gate.

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