Price Schedule 

Effective January 1, 2015       
Set-up fee and minimum service charge
Bottling hours are from 8:30 AM thru 4:30 PM which will yield a daily production of 1500 cases.
Sterile filtration, bottle rinse, bottle sparging, filling, closure, capsule, and label $2.50     /case
Label only $1.50/case
Label and Capsule $1.75/case
Bottle change requiring complete reconfiguration of entire line
Each bottle change will reduce daily production by 125  cases.    
$150.00 each
Wine change or bottle height change
Each wine or height change will reduce daily production by 75 cases.
$75.00 each
.45 micron final filter change
Filters are provided as part of the service fee. Wineries will replace any plugged filters at this rate.
$400.00 each
.50 micron pre-filter $200.00 each
Winery caused down time
Mechanical breakdown is not considered downtime for the winery or the bottling line.
Travel beyond 125 mile radius of Harrisonburg Va.
One way distance
Overnight lodging per night (when applicable) $100.00
Winery supplied 3-Phase 100 amp. electric service. Contact Landwirt Bottling
for specifications.
Payment is to be made to Landwirt Bottling upon completion of the job. A 5% charge will be added for non-payment at job completion.

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